Thanks for your interest in listing your coin on C2CX.

We are in the process of launching a number of new coins and will continue to do so at regular intervals. As one of the third generation Chinese exchanges, this is an evolving business model; however this is where we are now:

- We do not want to list hundreds of different coins as some sites have chosen to do. Instead, our strategy is to list only coins where we can maintain and offer significant liquidity in line with what we offer for our existing books. In that light we have to choose carefully.

- We will only consider listing requests from coin development teams which have a DEVELOPMENT PLAN. This plan should include marketing, market price targeting and (if applicable) a rollout plan for additional features and functionality. We may be able to help you with this, but ultimately it has to be your plan, not ours.

Please write us a listing request email to: [email protected]

In this email please include the following information:

1. Supply the basic information about your coin/token.

2. Supply a few BULLET POINTS stating the basic value proposition for your coin/token (not for your project). We don’t want the marketing pitch here. Our goal is to really understand what your token does. If your submission just describes the project instead of the token/coin, or is full of marketing words we will reject it. Please understand that we receive too many submissions to allow us to review all the white papers.

3. Supply a few BULLET POINTS explaining what differentiates your project/coin/token from other options available in cryptospace with somewhat comparable functionality. It’s not sufficient to state that you are unique and no other project is similar in any way. There must be at least one or two other projects which you can compare yourself to.