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C2CX Cessation of Trading Announcement


C2CX will cease trading on:

10 May 2021
For existing accounts deposits for most currencies will remain open until the cessation of trading; however, effective immediately no new sign-ups will be accepted.

Withdrawals of remaining balances for most currencies will remain open for 30 days until 26 May 2021. Since we do not currently support withdrawals for BCHA and FUN, we suggest that holders choose an opportune time before cessation of trading to convert them to either USDT or BTC.

Any BCHA and FUN balances remaining on deposit after 10 May 2021 will be converted into BTC. At the same time, any remaining SYN1 holdings will be redeemed into USDT.

After 26 May 2021 remaining balances of all other traded currencies other than BTC will be converted into BTC and held on behalf of customers for one further month, until 26 June 2021. No further withdrawals will be possible after 26 June 2021.

For those customers who do not have private hardware wallets, we urge you to consider acquiring one, especially if your investment plan does not involve frequent trading. For most people, this is the safest storage method. For most of the coins we support we recommend the Trezor hardware wallet. For BSV we are not aware of any currently supported hardware wallets, so we suggest Electrum SV. Note that only the Trezor Model T supports XRP.

We thank our loyal customers for your support over the past 4 ½ years. We hope you were able to make good use of C2CX’s unique functionality.