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C2CX Cessation of Trading Announcement, Updated on May 11th


Trading on C2CX has now ceased. Deposits have also been discontinued.

Withdrawals of remaining balances for most currencies will remain open for 30 days until 26 May 2021. Since we do not currently support withdrawals for BCHA and FUN, any remaining balances of these currencies will be converted today into BTC.

To accommodate users holding small amounts of BTC or ETH which cannot be withdrawn economically due to high transaction fees, the balances in traded currencies of all accounts with a net asset value of 50 USDT or less on 11 May 2021 will be converted into Stellar (XLM) so that these funds can be withdrawn if desired. The withdrawal fee for XLM is 2 XLM and the minimum withdrawal amount is 2 XLM, so users with at least 4 XLM will be able to withdraw their funds. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to withdraw funds with a value less than 4 XLM. At current rates, 4 XLM is equivalent to approximately 2 USDT.

After 26 May 2021 remaining balances of all other traded currencies other than BTC and XLM will be converted into BTC and held on behalf of customers for one further month, until 26 June 2021. No further withdrawals will be possible after 26 June 2021.

We thank our loyal customers for your support over the past 4 ½ years. We hope you were able to make good use of C2CX’s unique functionality.