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Dust Cleanup


12 May 2021
Yesterday remaining BCHA and FUN balances were converted to BTC. Since they cannot be traded or withdrawn, today all remaining LONG balances will be converted to USDT.
For technical reasons, yesterday remaining small balances valued at 50 USDT or less were first converted to USDT.
In view of the continued high transaction fees for USDT ERC20 tokens, today balances of 100 USDT or less will be converted into XLM. For balances over 100 USDT, we will soon make TRC20 withdrawals available.
The withdrawal fee for XLM is 2 XLM and the minimum withdrawal amount is 2 XLM, so users with at least 4 XLM will be able to withdraw their funds. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to withdraw funds with a value less than 4 XLM. At current rates, 4 XLM is equivalent to approximately 3 USDT.
The final cutoff date for withdrawals of remaining balances in non-traded currencies is 26 May 2021.
After 26 May 2021 remaining balances of all other traded currencies other than BTC and XLM will be converted into BTC and held on behalf of customers for one further month, until 26 June 2021. No further withdrawals will be possible after 26 June 2021.