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8月30日(本周五),C2CX将不再支持基于以太坊的WAX ERC20代币,转而支持基于EOS的WAX协议主网代币(WAXP)


respected user,
On August 30th (this Friday), C2CX will no longer support the WAX ​​ERC20 token based on Ethereum, and will support the EOS-based WAX protocol main network token (WAXP). During this process, all customer balances will be converted from WAX ERC20 to WAXP. The deposit and withdrawal service will be temporarily suspended until September 5th (next Thursday) to resume the WAXP withdrawal. The WAX ​​ERC20 withdrawal will no longer be supported. After the evaluation period of the WAX ​​protocol main network, the WAX ​​replenishment will be enabled or will be enabled. More information about WAX's main network can be found at wax.io (http://wax.io/).
If you have any questions about this process, you can consult us on the platform or communicate directly with us in the Telegram group.
C2CX Operations Team