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What is CXB and how can I get it?

C2CX will officially launch CXB Community Coin on January 1, 2019. We will award CXB to traders based on the volume of transactions throughout the year 2018. CXB will be used for the purchase of VIP levels later, reduction of trading fees and listing fees.

VIP Level

The current VIP level is vip1 VIP1 . The initial VIP level will be assessed based on the latest 90-day trading records + CXB balance. Users can also purchase VIP privileges directly using CXB.

VIP Benefits (Some features are already open)
VIP Chatroom

Will be opened 2 hours on daily basis.


VIP users will receive airdrops from the newly listed coins.

Dividend Bonus

VIPs will receive bonus on specific coins.


Earn interests on certain coins.

VIP Customer Service

VIP customer service

Latest market report

Crypto-related investment strategy

Reduction on the trading fees

VIPs receive 20% discount on trading fees.

Complete tasks to obtain CXB.

Complete tasks to obtain CXB.